—  Antipasti  —



Antipasto 12

Salumi Platter for 2--classic Italian meat & cheese plate with Giardiniera, olives, & pepperoncini

Bruschetta* 8

sweet grape tomatoes, fresh garlic, chopped red onions, & basil pesto, topped with melted mozzarella & parmesan served on house made garlic crostini

Seared Scallops++ 14

fresh sea scallops, seared to perfection, with a pickled lemon caper sauce

Calamari & Pepperoncini 12

hand-breaded calamari (tubes & tentacles) & banana pepper rings, fried crisp, served with Marinara

Calamari Fritte (Plain) 9

Mussels++ 12

fresh PEI Mussels, sautéed in Garlic Butter White Wine sauce with fresh herbs, Diavolo or Margherita style +2

Meatball Parmesan 8

our hand-rolled beef & pork meatballs covered in Marinara and melted provolone cheese


—  House Specialty PAsta  —

Legendary Lasagna 18  add meat sauce 5

8 layers of pasta, tomato sauce, sliced meatballs, 3 cheeses, baked to perfection, Allow for 15 minute baking time

Loaded Louisiana Pasta 32 Alfredo 34

sautéed shrimp, jumbo lump crab meat, grilled chicken, crawfish, & Cajun Andouille sausage over fresh Bucatini pasta, roasted garlic, onions, peppers, tomatoes, cajun spices, & Roasted Garlic Olive Oil

Cajun Chicken Alfredo 16 Shrimp 19 Scallops 23 Crabmeat 23 Crawfish 23

fresh Mafalda pasta, tomatoes, roasted garlic, grilled onions & green peppers, in our creamy Cajun Alfredo, add cajun andouille sausage $3

—  Classic Italian Pasta   —

Spaghetti & Meatballs 15

hand-made beef & pork meatballs atop Bucatini pasta with house Marinara

Pasta Bolognese 22

sautéed onions & mushrooms in our house Meat Sauce, over Bucatini pasta

Rigatoni & Sausage 18

hand-cut sweet Italian Rope Sausage, with Rosé Alfredo over Rigatoni pasta

Pasta Margherita* 13 Chicken 16 Shrimp 19 Crabmeat 23 Scallops 23

fresh tomatoes, homemade basil pesto in a Garlic Butter White Wine sauce with Mafalda noddles

Chicken Marsala 24

grilled chicken breast, sautéed mushrooms, onions, & Marsala Wine Cream sauce over fresh pasta

—  Parmigiano  —

Chicken Parmesan 19

fresh breast of chicken, seasoned & had-breaded, fried crispy, layered with Marinara, ricotta, mozzarella, & parmesan, baked in the oven, served over fresh pasta Marinara

Eggplant Parmesan 18

layers of fresh breaded eggplant baked with ricotta, mozzarella & parmesan

—  Creamy  —

Pasta Carbonara 14 chicken 17 shrimp 20 crabmeat 24 scallops 24

sweet ham, bacon, & mushrooms over Bucatini pasta

Pasta Alfredo 13 chicken 16 shrimp 19 crabmeat 23 scallops 23

delicious Vodka Rosé